Japanese Media Reports On TWICE Nayeon’s Stalker With Short Update

Covered several points, including discussing his departure from Korea.

A Japanese media outlet posted a brief update about TWICE Nayeon‘s stalker.

Source: wowkorea.jp

The update covered several points:

  • After their appearance on Kouhaku Uta Gassen, the stalker approached Nayeon on their Japan-Korean flight.
  • He apologized for releasing Chaeyoung‘s personal phone number.
  • As he promised on the Internet, the stalker has departed Korea and returned to Germany
  • He has posted a collage (pictured above, censored by wowkorea.jp) that blended their pictures together saying, “I hope we can talk to each other someday.

As we previously reported, the stalker did approach members of TWICE on a plane, which led to a post on their official Instagram account begging him to stop. He also, indeed, leaked Chaeyoung’s number and only apologized after intense backlash and scrutiny from netizens led to threats against him.

Source: yoshTG/Twitter

While he appears to be back in Germany, Nayeon appears to still be on his mind as he recently posted a Tweet (pictured above) professing his love for her, claiming that she is his everything.

Source: wowkorea.jp