Taiwanese Singer Jay Chou Responds To Plagiarism Accusations Of INFINITE’s “Julia”

He responded through his agency.

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou has recently been accused of plagiarism. He had revealed a snippet from his upcoming song release on Instagram. Fans quickly noted that it sounded similar to the opening of INFINITE‘s “Julia”. A comparison video was created and quickly circulated on Twitter.

Following the accusations, Appledaily reached out to Jay Chou. He revealed that he actually saw various Instagram comments accusing him of plagiarism, but did not care to respond. He jokingly responded that since the media was asking, it was a chance for him to give a lesson.

Through his agency, Jay Chou explained the situation.

The chords of this song were already used in “Sunny Day” (2003), “Qi Li Xiang” (2004), and “Her Eyelashes” (2003). The way the chords progress are the same. If the arrangement and instruments are the same, then it would sound similar. Generally, the chord progressions are similar when it comes to pop music. They’re usually the same few kinds for verses, and the same few kinds for choruses. The main point is how to use similar chords to create a new melody! The 6m-4-1-5 chord rotation has been used since a long time ago! I’m ahead of the times. Do I need to list them all out?

— Jay Chou

“Sunny Day” can be heard below.

Woollim Entertainment has yet to respond.

Source: Apple Daily