Jay Park Deletes Old Apology To Muslim Fans, Writes New One For “Mukkbang (Remix)”

He apologized for his “disrespectful” lyrics.

Jay Park is sending a new apology to his Muslim fans, following backlash for his lyrics in “Mukkbang (Remix).”

Jay Park | Billboard/Billboard.com

The Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA song (featuring Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, and BIBI) was released in 2020, but it recently resurfaced and drew criticism for its controversial lyrics. Some fans found parts of Jay Park’s verse offensive, claiming he had disrespected both Christianity and Islam by comparing himself to God, the Holy Ghost, and Allah.

Grabbin’ a fork likе oh my God
Look like you seen a Holy Ghost
Jaw drop, I can never fall off
Worship mе like Allah
Get it done like wallah

— Jay Park, “Mukbbang (Remix)”

Earlier today, Jay Park apologized for the lyrics and explained his perspective in a series of tweets. The tweets have since been deleted and replaced with a new apology letter. “I humbly apologize,” he wrote in the new tweet, which includes the following letter:

| @JAYBUMAOM/Twitter

Jay Park followed up his letter with another tweet that thanks fans for kindly explaining the issue to him.