Jay Park Apologizes For His “Allah” Lyric In “Mukkbang (Remix)”

He was accused of disrespecting religion.

Jay Park has apologized for his lyrics in “Mukkbang (Remix),” following backlash from listeners.

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“Mukkbang (Remix),” a 2020 song by Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA, features verses by Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, and BIBI. Some listeners claimed Jay Park disrespected both Christianity and Islam by comparing himself to God, the Holy Ghost, and Allah in his lyrics.

Grabbin’ a fork likе oh my God
Look like you seen a Holy Ghost
Jaw drop, I can never fall off
Worship mе like Allah
Get it done like wallah

— Jay Park, “Mukbbang (Remix)

Jay Park has now addressed the criticism in a series of tweets. In the first tweet, he apologized for offending listeners but condemned a “false narrative.” 

In his follow-up tweet, Jay Park said he didn’t know the lyrics would be offensive, and he wished “peace of love” to all.

Jay Park also acknowledged that fans come from all around the world and “take things differently” depending on their perspective.

Rather than dragging the controversy out, Jay Park hopes to move on from the “misunderstanding.” 

In the next tweet, Jay Park apologized “full-heartedly” and showed love for fans. “To those who wanna hate me let em hate,” he wrote, “love yall too.” 

Jay Park has since deleted his original tweets in favor of posting a new apology letter to Muslim fans.

Jay Park Deletes Old Apology To Muslim Fans, Writes New One For “Mukkbang (Remix)”