Jay Park Mentions BTS And BLACKPINK During Recent Press Conference

He specifically referred to BTS and BLACKPINK when talking about K-Pop.

Jay Park recently attended the production press conference for his upcoming documentary and mentioned BTS and BLACKPINK.

On April 25, Jay Park held the press conference for Youtube Original‘s Jay Park: Chosen1, a documentary that covers Jay Park’s life from his debut days to the efforts he has been making as a hip-hop artist in America.


In regard to the production of this documentary, Jay Park stated that he believes he was chosen for the production not because of his popularity, but because of his valuable experiences.

Regardless of my popularity, I think the path I took and the journey I showed was sufficiently valuable and I think that’s why Youtube Original chose me.

ㅡ Jay Park


When he came to the topic of K-Pop, he specifically addressed BTS and BLACKPINK’s popularity and stated that it was “no joke”.

When I was filming, I joked around saying maybe I should have continued K-Pop. The popularity of K-Pop groups like BTS or BLACKPINK is no joke. Since they’re even up on the Billboard.

ㅡ Jay Park


Jay Park: Chosen1, which consists of 4 episodes, will also cover the stories of other famous hip-hop artists including Simon Dominic, Gray, Dok2 and Cha Cha Malone.

Meanwhile, Jay Park will be honored at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center inaugural gala, The Party, and has recently announced his plans for retirement.


Source: Sports Chosun