Jay Park Explains to Fans Why He Won’t Be Suing Brian Ortega Following Recent Slapping Incident

“I don’t sue people who have less than me.” – Jay Park

Jay Park recently made headlines after it was revealed that he was slapped by UFC fighter, Brian Ortega who claimed that Jay Park was “talking trash.”

Jay Park Slapped By UCF Fighter Brian Ortega, Who Claims Jay Was “Talking Trash”

But when a fan asked him if he will be suing the fighter for the assault on Twitter, Jay Park gave an unexpected response.

Fan: Aren’t you going to sue Brian Ortega?

Jay Park: I don’t sue people who have less than me.


Ahead of this surprising reveal, a representative of AOMG assured fans that thanks to the quick responses of the guards, Jay Park’s injuries won’t have any lasting effect on his health.

It’s true that Ortega started a fight with Jay Park, but the guards quickly escorted him out. Jay Park didn’t suffer any injuries that will have lasting effect on his health.


Following the slapping incident, ESPN reporter, Ariel Helwani took to his Twitter to announce, “Korean Musician, Jay Park was slapped by Brian Ortega.

Brian Ortega expressed that he had a problem with Jay Park’s translation of Chan Sung Jung‘s statement, “Ortega already ducked (me) once. (I) don’t need to fight a fighter that’s already ducked (me) one time.

Brian Ortega even threatened Jay Park to slap him the next time he sees him.

Jay Park welcome to the fight game don’t be surprised if I slap the shit out you when I see you.

– Brian Ortega

This ultimately led to the slapping incident, but Brian Ortega was quickly escorted out of the arena.

Source: Insight