Jay Park Featured In Over 100 Songs But Never Got Paid For Any Of It

“I even covered the engineering costs.”

On a recent upload of Quaddurup on YouTube, Jay Park made the surprising revelation that he featured in over 100 songs but never got paid for any of it.

During an interview with Jay Park and DJ Wegun, they were asked just how much money they make.

And instead of calling out any numbers, Jay Park decided to describe his wealth in a different way.

Then let me say it this way. There are around 250 songs that are registered under my name, and if I include the songs I featured in, there are over 350.

— Jay Park

Despite having featured in over 100 songs, Jay Park never got paid for any of them.

Because he wasn’t willing to accept the money.

I’ve never accepted any money while featuring in those songs.

— Jay Park

And as if that’s not generous enough, he even added that he takes care of the engineering costs himself.

Jay Park recently gained attention for featuring in Jamie’s new song, “Apollo 11.”

Fans are praising Jay Park’s class with comments such as “He’s a light to us all“, “That’s so admirable“, and “That mustn’t have been an easy decision“.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Insight
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