Jay Park Responds To Hate After His Recent Collabs With K-Pop Idols

After trending on Twitter with ATEEZ’s Mingi, he addressed the criticism.

Jay Park has since posted more regarding the subject, so the article has been updated to include his additional statements.

Korean American rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, and entrepreneur Jay Park recently collaborated with beloved solo artist IU for the new song “GANADARA.”

Jay Park has been promoting the single with a TikTok and Instagram Reels point dance challenge, as that’s one of the best ways to get a song out there these days. Not only that, but he has been collaborating with K-Pop idols in doing so.


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It’s quite common now, especially in the K-Pop industry, to meet up with other idols and participate in their dance challenges, helping to promote one another.


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So, while many idols have done his “GANADARA” challenge, Jay Park also did STAYC‘s “RUN2U” challenge.


박재범선배님과 그루브~ #주춤주춤 🙌 #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2U #RUN2U_challenge #STAYC_tiktok @jayparkisoverparty


Jay Park has done collaborative dance videos with quite a lot of K-Pop idols now. Examples include (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and Hoshi, ATEEZ‘s Mingi, and GOT7‘s Jay B.


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Still, it all has attracted hate.

The comment section on any K-Pop idol’s post includes many comments, mostly discouraging the idol from being around Jay Park, considering his past controversies. Some question if the idol is being forced to do the video.

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Yet, there’s been even more than usual, especially after the most recent meetup with ATEEZ’s Mingi.

On Twitter, “jay park” and Mingi have been trending, and it’s mainly for negative reasons. There are 11.6K related tweets at the time of writing.

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Now, Jay Park has responded to the criticism. He posted a statement on Twitter and encouraged fans of the idols to reconsider their words.

Jay Park also asked for all hate to be directed to him on his own page rather than others’. Recently, there have been many hate comments on ATEEZ’s Instagram due to the dance challenge.

Not only Jay Park but other fans have reminded fellow fans that Mingi has spoken about being a fan of Jay on many occasions. So, this had been a very happy moment for him, meeting an individual he personally admires only to receive so much criticism from his own fans.

An hour later, Jay Park shared two more updates to Twitter. He wrote to his fans in Korean, encouraging them and advising refrain from negativity.

If you’re my fan, I hope you don’t swear back at the same level as them, no matter what anyone says. I’m blessed, and I’m diligently living a grateful life. I hope you’ll do the same. I hope you’ll focus more and keep your perspectives based on reality, not the Internet! ㅎㅎ I know how you feel, but hold it in. 🙏❤️ Peace ✌️

— Jay Park

Jay Park also updated on “lil bro,” Mingi (their selfie posted on Instagram was captioned, “thank u bro!!”). He said that he checked on him and that he was doing good.

So, we can expect more of Jay Park’s dance challenge collaborations, after all.