Jay Park Is Hot & Shirtless In Thailand… But Something Else Is Getting All The Attention

“Wow, I’m f*cking jealous…”

Jay Park recently performed at the famous Rolling Loud festival in Thailand and not only did he have loads of fun on stage, but off it as well. Though the heat made it possible for fans to get some highly anticipated shirtless pictures of the Korean star, it seems that he’s getting more attention for his flawless skin.

The star-studded lineup of the festival saw Jay Park performing on the same stage as famous rappers like Travis Scott, Offset, and Central Cee. The festival had several other Korean acts planned as well, with artists like Jessi, B.I, and PSY taking the stage.

Not only did Jay Park have an amazing set of performances in store for all fans attending the Rolling Loud festival, but he also had a surprise announcement ready to be shared with the world. Near the end of their performance together, the Korean rapper announced that Jessi would soon sign with his company, MORE VISION, making the crowd immediately cheer loudly for both of the artists.

While fans got some incredible clips and photos of Jay Park performing on stage, some snapped pictures of him enjoying WonSoju straight from the bottle as he vibed to the music in the Loud Club VIP area at the festival are getting just as much attention. The star, dressed in a plain white tank top and jeans can be seen dancing and having lots of fun with a bottle of WonSoju in hand, all while looking handsome as ever.

Seems like the heat was unbearable enough for the star to take his shirt off and bless the world with some gorgeous shirtless pictures and videos of him taken by surrounding fans during day one of the festivals. But, according to Korean netizens, nothing can top the close-up clips of Jay Park ordering his soju on the second day of Rolling Loud.

The Korean rapper can be seen wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans as he leans on the counter of the booth and asks the bartender about his drink. While his behavior in general was deemed very attractive, Korean netizens just can’t get over how flawless his skin looks in these close-up videos.

Many shared how jealous they were of the star, one netizen even revealed they think he “has the best skin in the K-celeb world.” Others suggested how much he’d drive up the sales of a makeup brand if they signed him as an ambassador.

  • “See? Men can have great skin, too.”
  • “His skin’s amazing.”
  • “Wow… None of his pores are showing.”
  • “His skin’s flawless!”
  • “I want his skin.”
  • “He should endorse a makeup brand. He’d drive up some good sales.”
  • “Wow, I’m f*cking jealous…”
  • “I’ve seen him IRL up close before. And his skin is honestly unreal. It’s insanely nice.”
  • “Haha. I have real skin envy for Jay Park. He has the best skin in the world.”
  • “How is it so poreless…?!”
  • “Sometimes, his eyes and lips remind me of IU. Does anyone else see the resemblance?”
  • “Jay Park doesn’t age, huh? What’s up with that?”
  • “I personally think he has the best skin in the K-Celeb world.”
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