Jay Park Reveals Why He Doesn’t Care About Other People’s Opinions Anymore

And he’s thrown in some advice for free!

Jay Park recently revealed why he maintains a blasé approach when it comes to other people’s opinions!

On the last episode of Eric Nam‘s K-Pop Daebak Show podcast, Jay Park and DJ Wegun appeared as guests, hyping up the atmosphere with their wit and charm!

For the show, Eric Nam interviewed the guests, and they talked comfortably about tons of things, including their favorite artists, new music, and more!

One of the questions asked to them was:

Who’s likely to become friends with a stranger?

—Eric Nam

Between the two, both Jay Park and DJ Wegun chose Jay Park!

That’s probably me.

—Jay Park

Jay Park then gave his reasoning as to why he thinks he’d be the one more comfortable opening up to a stranger. He gave a bit of background about his previously shy nature, citing his current job as to why he’s able to talk to people more comfortably now!

Back in the day, before I started this line of work…I was super shy. I didn’t wanna like…I was very kind of self-aware or like, self-conscious of what people might think or like… “What if I say this?” Or “What if I do this and they don’t like it?”

But now it’s kind of like, I have to deal with so many different types of people all the time. It’s like…who cares? It’s like “Hey, what’s up? F*ck you. All right.”

—Jay Park

He further elaborated on why he just doesn’t give a hoot about what people say to him or about him anymore, even working in some golden advice!

It’s just one of those things, you know. It’s like, I just don’t care anymore. There’s so many people in the world; there’s so many different conversations to be had. Why get hung up over one?

—Jay Park

Jay Park also revealed that another thing he doesn’t care much for is the MBTI personality test, because he knows exactly who he is!

It’s like…I know who I am. I don’t need a f*cking test to tell me who the f*ck I am! “Oh okay, I do this at night. All right.”

No, I know who the f*ck I am, I don’t need a test!

—Jay Park

You can watch the whole thing from the 2:09 mark here!