Jay Park Responds To Rumors Of Simon Dominic And Him Having A Bad Relationship

Jay Park explained what really happened.

Jay Park came on Radio Star to open up about Simon Dominic‘s resignation as a Co-CEO of their label, AOMG.

“[Simon Dominic] was the Co-CEO with me but he recently resigned and decided to stay as an artist.”

— Jay Park


Jay Park has been busy promoting his albums, signing with Jay Z’s label Roc Nation, and more that he didn’t have the opportunity to get in touch with Simon D as often as he would have liked.

“Simon Dominic used to be heavily involved with albums.

I’ve been very busy recently, so I didn’t have the time to talk with him often.”

— Jay Park


Around the time Simon Dominic announced his resignation, he also released a track called “Me No Jay Park”. The song described how the title of “CEO” weighed heavily on his shoulders.

“The weight of responsibilities weighs heavy on me

Even the words ‘Boss and CEO’ sounds disgusting to me”

— Simon Dominic’s “Me No Jay Park”


Rumors circulated that Jay Park and Simon Dominic’s friendship had fallen apart, but Jay clarified that the rumor’s not true. They still have a good relationship.

“He suddenly told me that he was going to resign and released a song called “Me No Jay Park”. He sent me the lyrics, and I realized that the position was too burdening to him. He felt that the title [of CEO] wasn’t meant for him.

A lot of people asked me if we have a bad relationship and if the song was a diss towards me.

But it’s not a diss track, and we don’t have a bad relationship.”

— Jay Park


Jay Park and Simon Dominic cleared the air, and Jay ultimately decided to respect his friend’s decision to resign and stay on as an artist.

“I respect his decision. It’s very difficult being an artist and a CEO at the same time.”

— Jay Park


Everyone knows the AOMG fam is family for life!

Source: My Daily