Jay Park Is Known For His Flawless Skin — And His Skincare Routine Will Shock You

We did not expect this!

Known for his gorgeous complexion, 36-year-old Jay Park boasts bright and youthful skin at all times.

Jay Park | @JwalkerParker/Twitter

That’s why everyone was listening when he dropped his 10 minute beauty routine in a new video for Allure! However, nobody could have expected just how simplified his routine is.

First, he washes his face with cleanser from d’Alba Piedmont. His reasoning? He uses whatever his mom gets him!

Whatever my mom places in the shower, I use.

— Jay Park

Next, after a quick shave, he uses a facial massager from Vanav to combat aging. He coats his face with a “mystery cream” so the tool slides over his skin easily without tugging.

Next, he uses another product from d’Alba Piedmont. This time it’s a mist.

Surprisingly, that’s it for skincare! He then moves on to brushing his teeth and applying chapstick.

To finish it off, he styles his hair and applies BYREDO Blanche hand cream. Just like that, he’s finished with his entire beauty routine!

Jay’s minimal skincare routine makes us think his gorgeous skin mostly comes from his great genetics, but trying out these skincare routine steps for yourself won’t hurt!

| @parkjaybeom/Instagram

Check out the full video below.

Jay Park