Jay Park Announces Step Down From His Position As CEO Of AOMG And H1ghr Music

Wishing him all the best.

As 2021 rounds out, Jay Park has announced on December 31, 2021, that he will be stepping down as the CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music. He will be taking a role as an advisor instead, continuing his work at the companies he has founded. He founded the companies after his solo career took off and has helped to discover and shape many new artists.

Jay Park posted a dual language announcement through his official Instagram account to thank those that have supported him throughout his journey.

His Korean announcement is as follows.

Hello. This is Park Jaebum. After many considerations, at the end of a long decision, I’ve decided to step down from my position as the CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music. I think many will be surprised at this news but I will continue as the advisor for AOMG and H1gher Music and I will continue my family-like relationship with them. To my fans who have always supported me in whatever challenge I take on, thank you and I hope you will continue to support AOMG and H1ghr Music. To the artists of AOMG and H1ghr Music, and our staff family, sincerely, I thank you for believing in me and helping to develop the companies I have created into really amazing ones. Even though I always joke around and stuff, I’ve never taken our time together for granted and I’m very proud, honored and think highly of that we have been able to make history together. I’ve done my best up to now and I’ll continue to do so in my future position. I love you. Happy New Year. Thank you.

— Jay Park

We wish him all the best in future position at the companies!