JBJ Kim Yongguk’s “The Show” Appearance Cancelled, Future Schedules Also Uncertain

He will not be appearing on tomorrow’s live broadcast.

According to numerous sources, former JBJ member Kim Yongguk will not be appearing on SBS MTV’s live music program, The Show, on November 13.


Kim Yongguk has been serving as a host for The Show since May of this year along with NCT’s Jeno and CLC’s Yeeun.


His canceled appearance is assumed to be a result of the numerous controversies that have been surrounding him including his dating scandal with SONAMOO’s Nahyun, the issue regarding his cat, as well as posts from his private Instagram account. His future schedules have also become uncertain.

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Kim Yongguk has additionally announced through his official Twitter account that his upcoming fan events have also been canceled.

“The Golden Ticket] event for JINLONGGUO’s 1st mini album [Friday n Night] has been canceled due to circumstances of the agency.
We express our sincere apologies.
Thank you.”


In response, most fans continue to express their anger and disappointment in the idol.

“Why cancel? You should at least do this for the last time, fans are curious about many things. Oh right, not fans, (former) mothers-in-law.”

“How many albums did I buy to get one of these…”

“What do you mean agency circumstances ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s because of Kim Yongguk”

“Also, the first thing the agency needs to do is explain their lie about ‘having the cat under your protection’.”


Some fans, however, supported the idol and sent him words of encouragement to help him endure this difficult time.

“Hang in there”


Meanwhile, The Show is still scheduled to air live at 6:30 pm on November 13.

Source: Osen