JBJ95 Files A Lawsuit For Contract Termination With Their Agency — Agency Refutes Claims Of Mismanagement

All the staff had left the company due to not being paid.

JBJ95, consisting of Kim Sanggyun And Kenta from Produce 101 fame, has officially filed for conrtact termination with Star Road Entertainment. The lawsuit was accepted on April 9, 2021, at the Seoul West Provincial Courts.

Kim Sanggyun and Kenta debuted in October 2018 as a duo with JBJ95. However, in the lawsuit filed by the duo, it was revealed that Star Road Entertainment is in danger of going under. As they have not been paying their employees, all the staff have left the company.

JBJ95 claims to have not been provided with a manager and had to directly hire their own temporary manager. Due to this, the duo has been facing a tough time dealing with their schedules. They also claim to have had to personally take care of hiring other staff such as stylists and a hair and makeup team.

| Star Road Entertainment

Allegedly, the expenses for these staff, as well as any other bills, were footed by JBJ95 themselves. According to the materials submitted by JBJ95, when they had approached the company for violating the terms of the exclusive contract and requested future promotional plans, the company had asked them to pay penalties for damage instead. As the company had no signs of correcting its situation for future plans, JBJ95 decided to file the lawsuit.

A representative from Star Road Entertainment responded to the matter, citing that it was a pity that they are facing this lawsuit during a period of time where the company is in a difficult situation. Star Road Entertainment claims that although JBJ95 did not have a specific manager in charge of them, there had been a manager within the company. After the staff had left the company, the executives themselves took charge of JBJ95’s schedules in their place.

| Star Road Entertainment

Regarding claims of not providing hair and makeup for JBJ95, the representative from Star Road Entertainment claimed that as one of the members had to film a movie, the movie team had provided a hair and makeup staff for him then. However, as the member declined to use the staff provided to him, he had directly hired his own hair and makeup team. The company claims that they have proof of taking care of payments for this as well.

Regarding the accusation that the company had asked JBJ95 to pay penalties for damage and compensation, Star Road Entertainment claimed that JBJ95 had sent them the charges first, and in the process of refuting the claims and sending proof of contents back and forth, law personnel was involved.

Star Road Entertainment also claims that in order to overcome tough times, the company had scheduled JBJ95 for a few engagements, but the members had rejected these schedules. The company claims it absurd for the members to be filing a lawsuit when the company is facing a tough time.

On the other hand, JBJ95 announced, “We are sorry for concerning everyone during a tough time due to the pandemic. We are sincerely thankful to the fans who have been sending love and support to JBJ95, as well as the staff and representatives who have been a huge source of strength to us all along. We hope to be able to greet you with a more mature side of ourselves.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang
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