Jennie Reveals She Suffered a Leg Injury Ahead of BLACKPINK’s Comeback

She’s in the healing process following her injury, which took place a month ago.

In a prologue for 24/365 with BLACKPINK shared on their official YouTube channel, Jennie confessed that she suffered a leg injury just one month earlier, and described how it happened.

Jennie shared that with social distancing in effect, she didn’t have much else to do, so she decided to elevate her bum for the summer.

We didn’t have work because of social distancing measures. Since it’s the summer and all, I decided to elevate my bum for a better fit.

– Jennie

But things took a dangerous turn on her very first day of working out.

Jennie shared that it was all her fault because she tripped over her own feet.

It happened on the first day. I can’t even blame anyone because I tripped over my own feet.

– Jennie

Luckily, Jennie assured everyone that it wasn’t a sprain.

It wasn’t a sprain, but there wasn an injury to the ligament, so they told me to wear a cast. It’s been a month now, and I’m in the healing process.

– Jennie

But she still had a warning for fans.

Be careful. No matter what you do, if it’s excessive, it’s not good for you.

– Jennie

BLACKPINK is set to release the new song of their comeback later this month on June 26.

Here’s wishing Jennie a speedy recovery!

Source: Dispatch