Jennie And Lisa Couldn’t Stop Flirting At BLACKPINK’s LA Concert

The two rappers couldn’t get enough of each other

BLACKPINK recently made their long-awaited performance at The Forum in Los Angeles, California.

This concert marks the first North American stop as part of their “In Your Area” world tour.

One of the most talked about moments were the intimate interactions between the two rappers of BLACKPINK.

Jennie was spotted saying “I love you” to Lisa as the two locked eyes during “See U Later”.

Later, while Lisa was in the middle of delivering her rap in “As If It’s Your Last”, Jennie playfully bumped Lisa.

If that wasn’t enough, when it was Jennie’s turn to sing, Jennie wrapped her arm around Lisa while Lisa blew Jennie a kiss.

BLINKs couldn’t get enough of Jennie and Lisa hyping each other out.

Then during the emotional rendition of ‘Stay’, Jennie and Lisa were seen sitting beside, during Lisa’s rap.

As the performance of “Stay” finished, Lisa immediately went to hug Jennie as the group went in for a group hug.

Clearly the girls were emotional after getting the chance to perform in front of thousands of fans in the City of Angels.

BLACKPINK was clearly touched by all the love and support they received from BLINKs.