Jennie’s “SOLO” Outfits Allegedly Handpicked By Yang Hyun Suk, Netizens Angry

Fans are disgusted by the idea.

A recent interview of BLACKPINK’s Jennie resurfaced after it was emphasized how YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk paid extra attention toward her solo debut. 


Especially with all the buzz gathered from all the outfits she wore just by her music video alone…

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In the interview, Jennie confessed that, “Our boss gave me a lot of attention while preparing for the solo debut. I received messages every day. He took care of every single outfit and gave me advice.


Netizens took the comment in a different way and reacted negatively on the special attention given towards Jennie. Eventually calling out Yang Hyun Suk for his alleged inappropriate behaviour and bringing up the background of how he met and married his, now, wife. 


Fans, however, found another evidence to contradict the speculations. In a different interview, Jennie reveals that it was a team of stylists and she who picked each and every outfit for her promotions. The statement seem to fit fans’ theories that Yang Hyun Suk may have simply been there to critique her concept. 


This is not the first time that netizens have spread speculations about Yang Hyun Suk and Jennie. Malicious rumors about an alleged affair resurfaced this year with YG Entertainment seeking legal action to those responsible. 

YG To Take Legal Action Against Rumors About Yang Hyun Suk and BLACKPINK’s Jennie


YG Entertainment has not made any comment of the speculations so far.

Source: AsiaToday