“Jong Seo Unnie, Don’t Star In Just Anything Because It’s By Your Boyfriend” — Fans Heavily Criticize Netflix’s “Ballerina”

What did you think of it?

Jeon Jong Seo‘s new Netflix thriller, Ballerina, was just released through the platform on October 6, 2023. A week into the launch, a good amount of subscribers got a chance to tune in to the 1.5 hour flick. Despite the stellar performance of the cast, the lackluster story ended up disappointing many. This was how a negative one-line review ended up going viral on social media, gaining 1.2 million views on Twitter. ”

Jong Seo unnie, don’t star in anything just because it’s by your boyfriend.

— Han

The movie was produced and directed by Lee Chung Hyun, who has been in a public relationship with Jeon Jong Seo since 2021. They previously worked on The Call together in 2020. Ballerina is about a bodyguard who sets out to fulfil her dead best friend’s dying wish, and ends up chasing after a drug cartel. Most English-language reviews also said similar things, commenting about how the cinematography might have been gorgeous, but the plot leaves much to be desired. Many also wondered why the title was named as such, when it was a “clichéd revenge flick.

I wonder why the title is Ballerina. It’s simply a clichéd revenge flick.

— jju_nims2

Others were simply disappointed after being teased so long.

I had been looking forward to Ballerina, but I was super disappointed after watching.

— 9Allwa

Ah LOL. The first half was okay, but as it progressed, I only could sigh out of how much of a pity it was. The actors are wasted [on it]… So, so much. Seems like the gaze of the public is scary.

— mcyyhw

Others went a step further, commenting that the only good part of the show was the visuals from the two female leads.

FR, it’s just… There’s no other merits apart from Jong Seo unnie and Shin Se Hwi coming out pretty. If you have many other things to watch, you don’t really have to watch this one. But if you want to see Jong Seo unnie shooting guns? Then just watch it.

— hiiiii_rruuuuu

It seems like Jeon Jong Seo’s girl crush image and many fangirls did most of the heavy lifting for Ballerina. As it was one of the most highly-teased acts for Netflix’s K-Drama and K-Movie launch of 2023, many were left disappointed. You could probably still watch the flick to catch Jeon Jong Seo’s badass moments!