Jeon So Min Confesses This Male Member Is The Hardest To Get Close To

Jeon So Min, one of the new cast members to join Running Man, had a chance to talk about her woes about one specific member. 

The 346th episode of Running Man that aired last April 16th officially introduced new cast members Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min. During the broadcast, however, the female members were given an additional secret mission to share a gossip about their fellow members.

Amongst them, it was Jeon So Min who talked about how it was difficult to get to know HaHa and went to describe how it feels awkward and unkind. HaHa, on the other hand, tried to explain it as a misunderstanding.

“I thought you would misunderstand if I was too good from the beginning.

I promise to show you how kind I am in the future.”


Jeon So Min was recently confirmed to permanently join the program along with Yang Se Chan following their successful appearance in the past. Their addition was speculated to be part of the program’s reformatting but no exact details were revealed yet.

HaHa was surprised when he found out what Jeon So Min thought of him. Catch it on the clip below. 

Source: Herald