Jeon So Min Claims She Feels So Tormented That She Relies On Alcohol

Jeon So Min is suffering…

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Ask Anything, actress and Running Man cast, Jeon So Min made an appearance and opened up about her recent worry relating to happiness.

Jeon So Min was severely ill early this year, and the actress revealed that that’s what got her thinking about what makes for a happy life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness these days. I was really sick earlier this year. And once I recovered, I ended up thinking about what makes for a happy life.

— Jeon So Min

She shared that she’s having a difficult time establishing a balance between work and leisure, which is affecting her ability to feel emotions as a result.

I like working and being really busy, but because it’s too hectic, I don’t feel even the smallest emotion. And if I try to relax, I don’t see any results, so it’s hard to establish that balance.

— Jeon So Min

But Choi Jung Won was surprised by this and explained,

She’s a friend I always drink with.

— Jeon So Min

And what Jeon So Min confessed in response was beyond heartbreaking.

I drink because I feel tormented.

— Jeon So Min

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Jeon So Min is not only a hilarious member of SBS‘s Running Man, but she recently proved to be a brilliant variety personality on tvN‘s Sixth Sense.

Jeon So Min has such a bright on-screen personality that it’s devastating to hear that she’s been suffering in real life.

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Here’s hoping she finds her happiness soon.

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