Jeon So Min Fans Are Begging Her Brother For Help Following BLACKPINK Controversy

Fans are worried about Jeon So Min’s well-being.

Jeon So Min‘s brother, Jeon Wook Min recently posted a photo of the luxury gift and letter that he received from his sister for his birthday.

| @wookmini1004/Instagram


He captioned the post, “Noona, stay healthy, and I’ll always be cheering you on. Thank you“, showing off their sibling love.

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But in light of the hate Jeon So Min has been getting after dancing with BLACKPINK as a “fifth member” on Running Man and playfully kicking Jisoo during a game, fans commented on her brother, Jeon Wook Min’s Instagram account to beg for help.

They’re asking Jeon Wook Min to convince Jeon So Min to disable the comment function on her Instagram account due to all the hate comments she’s been getting following the episode.


| @wookmini1004/Instagram
| @wookmini1004/Instagram

Following Jeon So Min’s act as “Jasoo”, the fifth member of BLACKPINK on the most recent episode of Running Man, netizens have been demanding that she apologize to Jisoo for kicking her and that she leave the group.

Jeon So Min has yet to address the controversy.

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