Jeon So Min Receives Praise For Selflessly Taking Care Of A Child On Set During A Hot Day

This was all when the cameras were off!

Actress Jeon So Min is making headlines for a selfless act that’s been caught on camera.

Actress Jeon So Min | KBS2

The Running Man crew member has been be portraying Joo Eun, a mom who grieves the loss of her child, in the new KBS2 special drama titled Hee Soo. As the 4-part series continues with its new releases, a behind-the-scenes story about Jeon So Min has started to captivate netizens nationwide.

Poster for “Hee Soo” | KBS2

The child actress who plays Hee Soo in the K-Drama recently uploaded a few photos of herself and Jeon So Min—and the photos have started to receive a lot of attention. The mother of Kim Yun Seul, the child actress, uploaded the photos onto Instagram and shared her praises for Jeon So Min.

Jeon So Min with Yun Seul, who is covered in fake blood | @yunseul14_mom/Instagram

Hee Soo with her mom, Joo Eun.

The first picture isㅠㅠ it’s the accident scene…this was back in August, on a day that was particularly hot. She sat bare on the hot, hard asphalt ground ㅠㅠ

But actress Jeon So Min put Yun Seul on her lap and put herself through more misery ㅠㅠ

(I told her she didn’t need to do that, but she kept saying it was okay ㅠㅠ)

— @yuseul14_mom/Instagram

Yun Seul’s mother, who is in charge of the Instagram account shared more photos of Jeon So Min and the child actress, while continuing her love for the Running Man member.

| @yunseul14_mom/Instagram

Before filming would begin or when they would need to do camera settings, she would sit next to her and quietly share stories her. Actress Jeon So Min’s warm and caring character was shown when she would take care of Yun Seul.

It was truly an honor. I think we will remember this for a very long time~~~~

— @yunseul14_mom/Instagram

| @yunseul14_mom/Instagram

Following these uploads, netizens also began to pour out their praises for the actress, as they applauded Jeon So Min’s selfless acts.

| @yunseul14_mom/Instagram
  • “Her face is pretty, but how can her heart be this pretty too~”
  • “I freaked out after seeing the first photo. Yun Seul and Jeon So Min are both amazing.”
  • “She seems like a good person. I feel like this will be a good memory~”
  • “Wow~~ she’s so caring~ I feel like this will remain as a happy memory for Yun Seul~”
  • “The accident scene is so sadㅠㅠㅠ it must have been hard filming for the accident scene so good work. You can feel her warmth just from looking at the photo.”
| @yunseul14_mom/Instagram

While we may be more familiar with Jeon So Min as the silly lady on Running Man, we’re glad we were able to see the selfless side of her as showcased on Yun Seul’s Instagram.

Source: WikiTree