Jeon Somi Reveals Why She Chose To Go Blond, Despite Absolutely Being Against It At First

“I would rather die…”

Soloist Jeon Somi will be making a comeback soon on August 2, 2021 with her new track, “DUMB DUMB”. Prior to the comeback, she hosted an online showcase for the press.

At the showcase, it was noted that she underwent a huge transformation with her hair. Somi has always been seen with her brown locks since debut, where she had chocolate brown hair in Produce 101 and during her term with I.O.I, followed by a lighter honey brown shaded with highlights for “Birthday” and “What You Waiting For”. This time, she went completely white blond.

When asked about the change, Somi revealed that she had been super against having blond hair up to this comeback.

I had this thought where I would rather die than have blond hair but the fans wanted it and I wanted to show a new side of me as this comeback was the first in a year, so I ended up going through this transformation.

— Somi

She admitted that after going blond, it amped up the “high teen” image for her and suited her to a T! “DUMB DUMB” releases at 6pm KST across all music sites on August 2, 2021. Check out the teaser in the meantime!

Source: Star Today