Jeon Somi Reveals She Cried So Hard After Releasing “What You Waiting For”

“I lived with the thought that I needed to do better than ‘BIRTHDAY’.”

Somi was a guest on Idol Radio where she opened up about how she cried her eyes out after releasing “What You Waiting For”.

It had been a year since she officially made her debut with her solo single, “BIRTHDAY”. When the host asked how she’s spent the long break, she revealed, “I lived with the thought that I needed to do better than ‘BIRTHDAY’.

Somi released her second single, “What You Waiting For”, just a week ago and she revealed that she cried so hard when the song was released.

She couldn’t help but cry as she had pour her heart, soul, and mind into the song. After it was officially out in public, she felt empty and cried.

We finished the song in February and just released it, so there was a very long break in between.

It was a song that I treasured, and after spending the time continually editing it, I felt empty after releasing it.

— Somi

“WYWF” means so much to Somi as she had worked hard in writing and composing the song with her team. She feels it’s a whole different job than being an idol.

I participated in writing and composing the song. I poured everything into it so I’m recovering right now. In the past, I used to live the life of an idol by receiving a song and practicing it. But now as a soloist, I feel like writing and composing is a whole another job.

That’s why this song is very different.

— Somi

Although Somi just started her promotions, she’s already excited for the rest of her plans for 2020! She promised her fans that she’s preparing for an album to drop sometime soon and can’t wait to spend more time with them!

The album where you can listen to the “Watermelon” song will be releasing soon. Even when my current promotion ends, I plan on communicating with you all often so if you just wait a little bit, I’ll work to come back quickly!

— Somi

“What You Waiting For” is Somi’s second track with THE BLACK LABEL and Teddy. The song has seen high success all around the world as it topped various music charts and gathered over 14 million views in a week!

Check out “What You Waiting For” below!

Source: Joy News 24