Jeon Somi’s Dad Wasn’t Originally Supposed To Be In The “XOXO” Music Video—Here’s What Happened

He was perfect for the role!

Recently, popular YouTuber Pony reacted to Jeon Somi‘s “XOXO” music video.

As Somi’s makeup artist and someone who was present the entire time the video was being shot, she had many interesting behind the scenes stories to tell, including one about Somi’s dad!

Fans may already know that Somi’s dad, Matthew Douma, made a cameo appearance in “XOXO” as a sheriff.

Upon seeing him in the video, Pony exclaimed, “Oh, here he is! Somi’s dad!

She explained that it was actually Somi herself who came up with the idea of inviting him. Somi had heard that they were lacking a person to play the role and instantly thought of her dad. She offered to call him right there and then.

Somi suddenly came up with an idea. ‘Oh? Don’t you need a police role? Should I call my dad?

— Pony

Even on such a short notice, he got the right clothes and headed to the music video site. Pony even did his makeup, and he looked great!

So then he got the wardrobe and participated in the video. I even did his makeup too.

— Pony

Even though the staff didn’t originally have him in mind, he ended up being perfect for the role!

Watch Pony’s full reaction video below.

Source: YouTube