Fans Are Cracking Up At The Hilarious Cameo Somi’s Dad Makes In Her “XOXO” Comeback MV

Their close bond is so adorable!

Somi and her father Matthew Douma have always had a close bond, and fans are loving his cameo in her recent comeback MV!

Matthew Douma and Somi

Somi recently came back with her first full album XOXO, and a title track of the same name, which builds on the storyline from her previous single, “Dumb Dumb”!

Somi | The Black Label

At the end of “Dumb Dumb”, Somi begins dating the man in the MV, and in “XOXO” she breaks up with him, and the MV follows Somi as she gets her “revenge” on her cheating ex by breaking into his house…

…kidnapping him…

…and setting his house on fire!

In her “XOXO” MV, Somi gained attention for paying tribute to BLACKPINK‘s Jennie through an adorable gesture…

…and now, fans are cracking up over her dad making an appearance in the video! In the MV, Somi kidnaps and gags her ex-boyfriend, and when the sheriff (her father) pulls up in his car, she hilariously rips off the gag, and pretends everything is fine!

Fans are loving this funny yet cute moment!

Check out Somi’s new comeback “XOXO” here!


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