Jeon Somi Names The One Male Celebrity She Wishes To Do The “Fast Forward” Dance Challenge With

She mentioned a familiar name.

Soloist Jeon Somi finally made her much-awaited comeback with the EP Game Plan on August 7, and her title track “Fast Forward” is already making waves on social media for its addictive beats and dance moves.

On August 8 (KST), the singer made an appearance on SBS PowerFM‘s Cultwo Show along with Kwon Eunbi as a guest, and the two soloists promoted their respective comebacks on the show. Somi performed “Fast Forward” live, and its typical electronic music sound brought back the nostalgia of the Tecktonic dance from the early 2000s.

(Left) Jeon Somi with (right) Kwon Eunbi at “Cultwo Show”

Talking about the early wave of the Tecktonic trend, Somi jokingly regretted that since she was only eight years old in 2008 when it took over the world, she couldn’t participate. But now, with her own dance challenge with “Fast Forward,” she has a desired candidate in mind to dance with.

The celebrity with whom Somi said she wanted to do the dance challenge is none other than the K-Drama heartthrob Lee Do Hyun!

Lee Do Hyun | @ldh_sky/Instagram

It was the radio host who first mentioned Lee, saying that since he had done Tecktonik dance on a variety show before and if Somi would like to do a dance video with him. In response, Somi revealed that she had already sent a request to the actor for it!

In 2020, when Lee appeared as a guest on the popular JTBC variety show Knowing Bros, he left viewers stunned with his hidden dance talent. The actor revealed that he has a brief background in modern dance and acrobatics and delivered some impressive performances on the show. But his go-to dance is Tecktonik, something that he showed off on Knowing Bros, as well as on other variety shows. He often breaks into a Tecktonik routine to lighten the mood.

So, seeing Somi and Lee Do Hyun bust a move together on the singer’s new track would have been a dream for many. Unfortunately, though, Somi revealed that the chance of it happening is pretty low, given that the actor is going to enlist in the military soon. But she hasn’t given up hope yet and said that she will keep pursuing her request till the end.

We need the biggest manifesters of K-Pop and K-Drama fandoms to get to work immediately!

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