Here’s How Jeon Somi Hilariously “Flirted” Her Way Into A Friendship With aespa’s Giselle

“We see each other every other day…”

In K-Pop, as much as there is perceived to be a rivalry between artists, fans love nothing more than seeing their favorite idols interact and become friends with each other.

One person who has shared the fact that she doesn’t think she’s popular is soloist Jeon Somi. She previously revealed that her only friends are the TWICE members. However, it seems as she might be slowly collecting more friends.

Jeon Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi recently appeared on an episode of MMTG with host JaeJae. She spilled about what’s been going on in her life since the release of her new track, “XOXO.” In particular, when the duo was in the car, and one of the tracks played was aespa‘s “Savage.”  

As the track played, Somi exclaimed, “My friend,” and JaeJae replied that she heard that Somi was friends with member Giselle. When asked how it happened, she confidently explained, “I approached her, flirted!

After blasting the song at top volume and singing along to the track, JaeJae wanted to know about how this friendship and asked, “Did you DM Giselle?” However, it seems as if it was a friendship that was meant to be, as Somi described how it all happened.

Giselle said my song is good on many portal sites, so I couldn’t leave it when I saw it. Among the dancers of ‘Dumb Dumb,’ one of them is aespa’s choreographer. So, I went straight to her and said, ‘I want to be friends with Giselle.

— Somi

After this happened, it seemed as if the friendship was an instant hit. Somi then explained that, despite their busy schedules, they see each other more often than fans might think.

So we exchanged numbers straight away, and we see each other every other day! I saw her yesterday, and I’m seeing her today too.

— Somi

Even though some might not have known how this friendship happened, many thought it might have been the case after seeing Giselle participate in the “XOXO” challenge on TikTok. Yet, JaeJae added that it might be because Giselle is also an ENFP that makes the two such great friends.

It also isn’t the first time fans have witnessed their chemistry. Last month, Somi posted a selfie with a girl group member, but people seemed to have trouble deciding who it was. In the end, they realized it was Giselle, and it sparked discussions on how the two even became friends, but it seems like the truth is out.

Somi (left) and Giselle (right) | @somsomi0309/Instagram

After saying that she wasn’t popular, Somi has proved that she is loved in K-Pop, and hopefully, she will continue to get closer to other idols in the industry. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: MMTG