Jeon Somi Denies She’s Popular In The K-Pop Industry And Admits She’s Only Close To TWICE

“I don’t have friends.”

It’s easy to fall under the impression that Jeon Somi is friends with the entire K-Pop industry! Her “Dumb Dumb” and “XOXO” challenges, for example, have featured many big names, including Chungha

Red Velvet‘s Wendy

…and aespa‘s Giselle, to name a few.

Contrary to expectations, she revealed in an episode of Turkids On The Block that she actually isn’t popular. In fact, she only really sees TWICE as her close friends!

Somi and TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

The topic was brought up when the host of the show, comedian Lee Yong Jin, asked her, “Which entertainers are you close to?

Somi didn’t have to think long about her answer. She chose former JYP Entertainment labelmates TWICE, saying that they’re “so good” to her.

TWICE members. They’re so good to me.

— Somi

Surprisingly, Somi couldn’t think of other celebrities she’s friends with! “No one else comes to mind. I don’t have friends,” she stated.

Lee Yong Jin was shocked to hear that, prompting him to ask why she doesn’t have other close friends.

So there are no other entertainers that you’re particularly close to? Why don’t you have friends?

— Lee Yong Jin

Somi pouted and simply said, “Everyone thinks I’m popular.

Hearing that, Lee Yong Jin observed that she’s only really close to people she’s known for many years.

I thought so too, but you’re only close to the people you knew way back, right?

— Lee Yong Jin

Somi (left) and TWICE’s Mina (right)

Somi agreed and joked, “Friend wanted.

Apart from talking about her lack of celebrity friends, Somi also shared what her friendship with THEBLACKLABEL CEO Teddy is like. Read more about it here:

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Source: YouTube
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