Here’s What Jeon Somi’s Friendship With THEBLACKLABEL CEO Teddy Is Really Like

They’re good friends.

In an episode of Turkids On The Block, Jeon Somi revealed that she is completely satisfied with her agency, THEBLACKLABEL, and one reason is because of CEO Teddy!

Jeon Somi

The host, comedian Lee Yong Jin, asked her who gives the best advise…

Who has the most helpful advice when you’re feeling down?

— Lee Yong Jin

…and she picked Teddy. She feels as if he genuinely understands her.

I would have to say Teddy, the agency CEO. He really gets me.

— Somi

Somi’s answer prompted Lee Yong Jin to ask if Teddy is a good listener. Without a moment’s hesitation, she confirmed it and revealed that he’s like a friend when she vents her worries to him.

He doesn’t just listen to her, he also makes sure to pay attention to everything she says!

Like a true devil’s advocate, however, Lee Yong Jin said, “Don’t you think he has no choice but to listen to what the artist says?

Laughing, Somi replied that he doesn’t do much besides listening to her.

Oh, now that I think about it, he was always just listening…

— Somi

In the same interview, Somi revealed why she left JYP Entertainment and how she feels about THEBLACKLABEL. Check it out below!

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Source: YouTube