Jeon Somi Is Going Viral For Her Now-Deleted Instagram Post About An Unexpected “Boys Planet” Contestant

They are certified besties, right?

Soloist Jeon Somi is going viral online after her reaction to a viral clip from the recent episode of Boys Planet.

K-Pop soloist Jeon Somi | @somisomi0309/Instagram

Since debuting, Somi has gained attention for her flawless visuals that have everyone shaken. She is also extremely talented and has wowed netizens worldwide with her catchy songs and talent, despite a long time since her last comeback.


Of course, her experience on Produce 101 made her the perfect person to be on Mnet’s newest reality show, Boys Planet.

When Somi made her appearance as the “Star Master” in the recent episode, it was clear that the idol made an impression from the minute she stepped onto the stage.

Somi’s entrance on “Boys Planet” | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube 

Throughout the episode, it wasn’t surprising that all the contestants were in awe of Somi, whether it was her visuals, height, or just her reputation as a phenomenal artist. The clips had netizens swooning as they all seemed shy as soon as the idol walked out.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube
| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube   

While all the contestants showcased their respect for Somi, one particular trainee’s interaction seemingly went viral within hours of the show ending, and it was none other than Kim Gyuvin.

The trainee has been gaining a lot of attention since his debut on the show, and his charm and talent make it unsurprising that he’s become a firm fan favorite.

Kim Gyuvin from “Boys Planet” | Mnet

During the episode, a clip gained attention among both Korean and international netizens. The recent episode was very tense, seeing the last results before the final being announced, including the ten contestants who would be eliminated.

At one moment, the camera panned to Kim Gyuvin looking very serious ahead of an announcement before moving to Somi, who suddenly had a huge grin on her face, probably to put him at ease.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube 

Yet, rather than shy away, Gyuvin stole the hearts of netizens when he returned Somi’s smile.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

When the clip was posted, netizens couldn’t get enough of the interaction between Somi and Gyuvin. Although many of the trainees were shy, Gyuvin showed his charm as he returned Somi’s smile in the cutest way, cementing their bestie energy.

Well, it seems like it wasn’t just netizens who thought they radiated “Bestie behavior.” Not long after the episode ended, netizens were shocked when Somi posted the same viral clip on Instagram with the caption, “bestie energy right there.”

After she posted the video, netizens couldn’t get over the idol’s reaction to the clip, and she seemed to love the interaction as much as the viewers.

While the Instagram post is now deleted, with many thinking it might have received backlash from fans, netizens loved the fact that Somi showcased her support for the contestants.

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