Jeon Somi Spills On The Workout Routine She Uses To Maintain Her Perfectly Toned 11-Line Abs

It’s even been certified by TWICE’s Momo!

When it comes to the life of a K-Pop idol, there is no denying just how tough the schedules can be. Yet, despite many groups sharing stories about being on the move so often and having to diet before comebacks, many still go through vigorous exercise regimes to stay in shape.

One idol who has always been praised for her physique is soloist Jeon Somi.

Jeon Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi has wowed netizens throughout the years with her amazing figure and proportions. Considering how tall she is, Somi always showcases a toned stomach and looks effortlessly graceful whatever she does.

| @somsomi0309/Instagram
| @somsomi0309/Instagram
| @somsomi0309/Instagram

Recently, Somi appeared on Mnet‘s TMI Show, where they discussed everything from her career, family, and much more. In particular, Somi showcased the full workout that she uses to secure her toned figure during one of the segments.

At first, Somi showcased a simple plank position and she then rotated her body from left to right…

Yet, Somi shocked the hosts when she revealed that she actually does three sets of 100 each time she works out.

The next exercise seemed more gentle at first as Somi brought out an exercise band. According to Somi, this was perfect for removing the excess weight of your arms by standing on the band and gently pulling it towards you very gently.

Somi even added that it was a workout that could be done while watching television at home. After showcasing the workouts, Somi showcased her own figure, and at first, it definitely worried fans due to just how small she is…

Yet, what shocked fans the most was later in the episode, Somi revealed that despite her hard workouts and expectations as an idol, she actually eats a normal amount. It came as a relief to many fans who have always worried about the idol’s weight.

Somi explained she was actually a “big eater.” She even added, “I once gained six kilograms in a day. I still don’t know how much I can eat.

Yet, despite Somi’s small frame, the exercise has been certified effective as it’s even the one used by TWICE‘s Momo. The TWICE member has also shared her love for this workout regime, and it’s clear to see the results!

TWICE’s Momo | @tphamBU/Twitter
| @tphamBU/Twitter

Although netizens often worry about Somi’s weight, it is reassuring to know that she has a balance in life and that she is living healthily. Being an idol isn’t an easy life with long days, tough schedules, and activities that require a lot of energy.

It isn’t surprising that Somi is so thin but knowing she eats properly at least shows that she isn’t going over the top.

You can watch the full video below.

Source: Mnet