TWICE’s Momo Stuns Fans With Her Unreal Proportions And Physique During Their US Tour

“Momo’s abs are serious business…”

TWICE are currently in the midst of their US tour, and netizens can’t seem to get over the visuals of the group.

On February 15, TWICE kicked off their US tour with a concert at the Forum in Inglewood, California. The show marked the beginning of their first-ever OT9 tour in the United States. After their first shows, netizens couldn’t stop talking about just how beautiful and healthy the members looked during the shows.

Members of TWICE | @stiqmavcut/Twitter

Yet, although all of the members stunned fans with their visuals, one member stood out for many with her undeniable proportions and figure, and it was none other than Momo!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/ Instagram

Fans who were lucky enough to attend the concert in person treated fans worldwide with some amazing pictures of the members. In particular, Momo stunned fans throughout the show and how amazing she looked in real life.

Pictures from user @tphamBU, in particular, shook fans as they showed off her toned arms, legs, and abs.

| @tphamBU/Twitter

| @tphamBU/Twitter

Even on TikTok, fans were sharing videos of Momo looking undeniably beautiful in the different outfits, including a black number for I Can’t Stop Me…”

| @hwangfuls/TikTok

| @hwangfuls/TikTok 

To a beautiful silver-blue outfit for the classic track “What Is Love?”

| @natalietabata/TikTok 

There is no denying that whatever Momo was wearing, she looked beautiful and balanced it with her dynamic performances and unrivaled talent.

| @tphamBU/Twitter

Even off stage, Momo flaunted her beautiful visuals and proportions in a recent Instagram post where she was wearing a plain white vest, cardigan, blue jeans, and white trainers.

| @twicetagram/ Instagram

| @twicetagram/ Instagram

As expected, when the images and videos were released, netizens couldn’t get over the physique of Momo, with Korean netizens explaining, “Momo’s abs are serious business,” and “I F**KIN’ LOVE YOU MOMO UNNIE.”

Western fans on social media also couldn’t believe just how good Momo and the rest of the group looked. For them, the members are the true epitome of what it means to be healthy, which is something that has caused concerns in the industry.

Once again, Momo and TWICE have proved just how amazing they are. It seems like nobody can get over how healthy and beautiful all the TWICE members look, and rightly so!

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Source: @tphamBU/ Twitter, @hwangsful/ TikTok and @natalietabata/ TikTok