Jeon Somi’s Agency Speaks up About the Postponement of Her Debut

YG’s The BLACK Label shared the current status of Jeon Somi’s debut album.

It has recently been reported that Jeon Somi‘s debut will be delayed, and her agency, The Black Label shared some information regarding its current status.

The agency stated, “We’ve completed the album, but we’ve yet to film the music video. As for the debut date, it’s still up in the air.

Ahead of this announcement, The Black Label claimed, “Following Teddy’s producing, she will debut on May 1. They’ve already finished recording.

But with May 1 just around the corner, no other announcement has been made regarding Jeon Somi’s debut, which is eliciting curiosity among fans.

Last February, Jeon Somi shared a message with her fans and even told them, “Don’t think I’m too far off, because I’m not.

So it appears that all fans can do at this point is take Jeon Somi’s word for it and wait for The Black Label to announce her postponed debut date as soon as possible.



Source: Dispatch