Jeong Hyeong Don’s Agonized Face Ahead Of His Recent Hiatus Gains Attention Online

He looked very uncomfortable.

The most recent episode of JTBC‘s Let’s Play Soccer showed an appearance by Jeong Hyeong Don ahead of his hiatus due to his anxiety attacks, and the amount of agony that can be seen on his face has gained attention in the online community.

On the show, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist for fencing, Choi Byung Chul engaged in all sorts of games with the cast of the show to prove this athletic ability.

Meanwhile, Jeong Hyeong Don could be spotted behind the games, standing still with no expression on his face.

Throughout the entire clip, Jeong Hyeong Don was unable to wipe the dark expression off of his face, and in the end, he was unable to participate in any of the chats as well.

This was very contrasting to Jeong Hyeong Don’s normally vibrant energy, causing many viewers to worry.

In addition, Jeong Hyeong Don was unable to participate as the commentator during the match of Inha University Professor FC.

As such, Kim Sung Joo explained that Jeong Hyeong Don was unable to participate due to his condition.

We will be joined by Kim Yong Man as our commentator in Jeong Hyeong Don’s place due to his current condition.

— Kim Sung Joo

Earlier this month, Jeong Hyeong Don’s agency stated that he will be halting his activities due to his anxiety disorder symptoms.

He had strong will to continue his TV activities, but we concluded that his health is more important, so we’ve decided that he take a hiatus.

— Jeong Hyeong Don’s Agency

Watch the full clip of the episode below:

Source: Insight