(★TRENDING) Jeongyeon’s Dog Bbosong Makes A Miraculous Recovery

Bbosong the Pomeranian is going home to Jeongyeon and everyone is celebrating!

When TWICE‘s Jeongyeon broke into tears on a radio program, terrified for her dog Bbosong in the hospital, it made her fans worried sick.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Burst Into Tears in the Middle of a Radio Show


Since then, Bbosong the Pomeranian has gotten tremendously better — the recovery updates well tracked on her own Instagram account managed by the Jeongyeon and her sisters, including actress Gong Seung Yeon.

“The doctor says it’s a miracle that Bbosong is even alive. Thank you so much for everyone who kept Bbosong in their prayers and helped make this miracle happen. A week ago, when Bbosong was unconscious, we had our minds preparing for the worst. But now, Bbosong is trying to live and we’re terribly sorry that we even thought for a second that she’d give up. Please continue to support Bbosong so she can make a full recovery and become healthy again! Thank you.”

— Jeongyeon & Gong Seung Yeon


In one of the latest TWICE Instagram posts, Jeongyeon mentioned Bbosong again and updated her and Bbosong’s fans.

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“Bbosong is coming home from the hospital tomorrow, thanks to the members, ONCEs, and everyone else who hoped for her recovery! The doctor said her case is so miraculous that he would remember it for the rest of his career. Again, thank you so much for watching out for Bbosong and supporting her through this recovery.”

— Jeongyeon


Jeongyeon sounded apologetic to have concerned the fans, that she wasn’t able to pull herself together on the radio show, as she promised the following in the caption.

“I really wanted ONCEs to see only the best sides of me… I promise that in the future, I’ll show you guys the good, the happy Jeongyeon. Goodnight fans!”

— Jeongyeon


ONCEs are glad the dog is okay, and so Jeongyeon is okay. Fans celebrating Bbosong’s discharge from the vet’s flooded the comments section!

  • “Heard the news and you’ll be back home tomorrow!! Please always be healthy bbosong-ah! Don’t make anyone worry 😊❤”

  • “Thank you for the updates! Bbosongie good job and please be healthy 🤗💕”

  • “I’m here after seeing Jeongyeon’s Instagram update! Yay, let’s go home Bbosong!!!🎉🎉🎉”

  • “Congratulations Bbosong, you’re going home☺ Don’t get sick anymore, stay healthy!👋”

  • Bbosong we love you ! 😻🍭😍 Jeongyeon thank you so much we love you 💫🌈☘✨💕🍭🌸”