Cameraman Risks It All For A Selfie With Jessi — And Her Reaction Is Hilarious

He saw an opportunity and he took it! 🤣

For the first time ever, Jessi recently performed in Cambodia at the Year of the Tiger music festival…

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

…and as expected, there were many iconic moments!

One hilarious moment happened when Jessi was getting distracted by the balls that get passed around over the crowd.

Fans were left cracking up when she couldn’t even find out where the balls had come from…

…and the way she quickly disposed of it once she got one!

However, the funniest moment of all comes from a cameraman’s bold move. While Jessi was walking through the crowd, she kindly leaned over to take a selfie with a lucky fan.

As Jessi was about to speak to the crowd, she interrupted herself and quickly posed for another selfie — with the cameraman!

Jessi was surprised that even the cameraman had seized his opportunity to take a selfie with her and jokingly “called him out!” He burst out with laughter.

Yeah, even you?! Even the cameraman, oh lord.

— Jessi

Check out more from Jessi’s iconic performance below!