Jessi Challenged Lovelyz’ Mijoo To Stay Still And The Results Prove Mijoo Was Meant To Entertain

“You need to stay still!”

By now the world knows that LovelyzMijoo is truly lovely in several ways! Not only is she full of talent, but she has charm and energy like no other. While it’s great for the entertainment industry, Mijoo has a hard time being calm in front of the cameras.

Since Mijoo is known to have lots of energy, Jessi tested out how long Mijoo could stay still while filming their episode of Jessi’s Showterview.  Jessi called the segment, “Calm Interview.” Jessi first explained to everyone, “As you all know, Mijoo is very hyped and energetic” so the rest of the interview she wanted to see how long Mijoo could sit still.

Jessi informed Mijoo, “No matter what I do or what I ask you, Your hands, feet… and everything. You need to stay still!” Of course, Mijoo hilariously questioned this segment and asked, “Why though?”

Once the segment started, Jessi took out her phone and pointed it to her and Mijoo. Instead of staying still, Mijoo moved around to pose and make sure her face was captured as well. Jessi turned to Mijoo and exclaimed, “I told you not to move!

While laughing Jessi tried to take a photo again and Mijoo couldn’t help but strike another pose. Jessi once again laughed and stated, “All you need to do is just stay still for a while!”

For the third time, Jessi started the game over and Mijoo commented, “Okay, I’ll stay still” while moving into a pose again! Jessi tried to help Mijoo and advised her to think like, “Just think this way! I, Mijoo, am beautiful just the way I am.”

Mijoo vocalized that she understood but hit a pose again and made everyone in the room die of laughter. While it was a pose she held in place, the goal was for Mijoo to do nothing, not even pose.

Jessi shouted that Mijoo was doing everything wrong and asked, “See? Who on earth can handle her?” This is something Jessi mentioned at the start of the show. Before the “Calm Interview,” Jessi claimed that she needed her Six Sense members Yoo Jae Suk, Nara, and Jeon So Min to help her contain the hyper Mijoo!

Jessi then turned up the difficulty and added music to the challenge. First Jessi’s Gucci came on and Mijoo couldn’t contain her urge to dance along. Failing again, Jessi gave her one last chance.

Mijoo shared that her favorite food is tteokbokki, therefore, Jessi challenged Mijoo to eat it calmly. While it seems easy enough, Mijoo uncontrollably showed off how much she enjoyed her food with the cutest expressions.

Check out the video below: