Jessi Gets Emotional While Revealing Her Dream Of Becoming A Mother

She was holding back tears.

In the recent episode of Sixth Sense, the members set on a journey to figure out which psychological counselor was fake and which are real.

During Jessi‘s counseling session, Jessi opened up a lot about her life and couldn’t help but get emotional when she talked about desires.

The topic opened up when Jessi suddenly asked the counselor, “What do you think I want to become?” In response to Jessi’s question, the counselor replied, “I don’t know. Maybe you want to become a good mother.”

Jessi then confessed, “If I have a baby, I will raise it well.” Jessi then went on and expressed that she actually wants to have 3 kids someday!

This topic led Jessi to talk about the things that make her happy in life. While gaining fame and making a lot of money from her thriving career, Jessi admitted those things don’t make her as happiest. In fact, all she wants is a family.

I’ll make a confession here. I made money while making music and gained popularity, but it’s all useless now. I wasn’t happy. Because all I wanted was a family. It’s my dream.

— Jessi

Check out the clip below:

Source: Sports Kyunghyang