Jessi’s Friends And Family Initially Disagreed With Her Decision To Join MORE VISION

Jessi explains how moving to her new label challenged her.

Veteran soloist Jessi surprised fans when she announced she was leaving PSY‘s label P NATION in July 2022.

Following her departure from the company, Jessi acknowledged fans’ questions about what she had planned next, stating her need to “collect [her] thoughts and breathe a bit,” having worked tirelessly since her debut in 2005.

In April 2023, Jessi officially confirmed she signed with soloist Jay Park‘s new label, MORE VISION, and is currently preparing for her first release under the label.

Jessi will make her comeback with “Gum” on October 25, and to celebrate her upcoming release, she sat down with Jay Park to discuss what fans can expect from her new song and her new label, MORE VISION.

Jay Park (left) and Jessi (right) | JAY PARK/YouTube

Discussing her move to MORE VISION, Jessi explained that she loves taking on new challenges and has wanted to join different companies to learn from the different ways they operate.

Jessi acknowledged that she feels challenged at MORE VISION, noting that her previous companies often told her what to do, whereas her new label allows her the freedom to make decisions on her own.

Although it has been challenging to adapt to, with Jessi admitting she feels a middle ground between freedom and having direction would make her happiest, she realized she needs to figure out her own happiness instead of relying on others for happiness.

Jay Park wanted to know what Jessi’s friends and family thought about her decision to join MORE VISION, and the veteran soloist hilariously warned that she would give an honest answer.

Jessi revealed that her friends and family disagreed with the move, sharing that they had encouraged her to join P NATION.

After receiving the feedback from her loved ones, she gave it more thought and worried that she might not have much time left to promote as an artist actively before reminding herself of the many talented women who have continued their successful careers over decades, naming legendary artists Beyoncé and Madonna as examples.

Jessi pointed out the ongoing challenge of ageism within the entertainment industry, noting that “too many young people debut” in Korea.

Jay Park praised Jessi, replying that it made Jessi’s successful career and rise in popularity in recent years even more impressive.

Jay Park concluded that Jessi’s future is undoubtedly bright, as no one can replace her.

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