Jessi Stands Up For HyunA When Haters Attack Her Looks

“First of all learn your grammar before you try to come at someone.”

Jessi has previously shown her loyalty to her good friend HyunA when she was going through a difficult time due to the aftermath of her dating scandal.

Jessi Reveals How She Feels About Hyuna And E’Dawn’s Dating Controversy


She stood up for the idol claiming that everyone should be able to date whoever they want, even if they were idols.

“Everyone can date whoever the f*ck they want, okay? We’re not little children. Doesn’t matter if you’re an idol.

They do have a little bit of an image, but she’s old enough to date whoever the hell she wants. And the fact that she came out and said she’s dating whoever, let her date him.”

— Jessi


When a hater recently posted a comment on HyunA’s Instagram attacking her for her looks, Jessi did not hesitate to come to her rescue once again.


In response to the negative comment, Jessi responded shortly after by pointing out the commenter’s grammar and completely telling them off.


Jessi’s straightforward comment has gained thousands of “likes” and won over the hearts of all HyunA fans.


Although some may have some reservations about Jessi’s reaction, what’s for sure is that HyunA is extremely lucky to have such a supportive and strong friend!

Source: Dispatch