Jessi Gives ITZY A Culture Shock With The Contents Of Her Bag

No female idol would dare give such an answer.

ITZY recently appeared on an episode of Jessi’s Showterview. The show, as usual, brought huge laughter to fans with Jessi‘s no-holds-barred and straightforward way of MCing. This time, she held a 5-seconds lighting round quiz for ITZY.

She explained that ITZY had to answer quickly as it was all about speed! Her co-MC helped to explain by giving Jessi an example question. He asked her to name 3 items that are in her bag.

Her honest answer shocked the girls! Can you guess what she named?

True to her “ssen-unnie” concept, she shot out the answers, lipstick, electric cigarette and tampon. Although these seem like common, genial items to carry around, for a female idol, it would be detrimental to one’s image to mention smoking or hygiene products casually!

While Yuna, Lia and Chaeryeong took it in stride and smiled at Jessi like they were amazed at her spunk, Yeji and Ryujin couldn’t help but cover their mouths in shock.

We’ve certainly never seen any celebrity like Jessi! Hopefully the girls don’t go home too stunned. Check out the cute moment below.