Jessi Coached Jeon So Min Through Different Poses And The Results Are Sassy

Before Jessi vs. after Jessi

Actress Jeon So Min‘s newest Instagram photos is showing off the power of Jessi‘s influence.

Actress Jeon So Min | Newsen

Jeon So Min recently posted a couple Instagram pictures that showed off her cute all denim outfit. The Running Man member posed in front of a wall with a small smile and with her hands behind her back. While she looked adorable, the actress shared these photos with the caption,

Before Jessi’s lesson, after her lesson!

— Jeon So Min @jsomin86/Instagram

The next picture that Jeon So Min uploaded featured an upgraded pose following Jessi’s “lesson.” Unsurprisingly enough, Jeon So Min looked much sassier with her hand on her hip and her neutral facial expression!

| @jsomin86/Instagram

Naturally, Jessi commented on the picture with a very simple “ooh.”

Jessi’s comment on Jeon So Min’s post | @jsomin86/Instagram

Jessi and Jeon So Min have boasted a cute little friendship ever since Jessi made a guest appearance on Running Man. Their strong, but quirky personalities meshed well and this resulted in a beautiful friendship that is often showcased on their social media accounts.

| @jsomin86/Instagram

Jeon So Min and Jessi are both cast members on tvN‘s variety program, Sixth Sense where they show off their chemistry even more. The second season of Sixth Sense is set to premiere sometime in June, so be on the lookout for that!

Poster for “Sixth Sense” | tvN
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