Jessi And Lee Kwang Soo Show Off Their Chaotic Sibling-Like Energy On “Jessi’s Show!terview”

This duo will never get old 😂

The newest episode of Jessi’s Show!terview recently premiered and naturally, it brought endless laughter for the viewers. On this particular episode, actor Lee Kwang Soo appeared with his fellow Sinkhole stars Kim Sung Kyun and Kim Hye Jun to promote their upcoming film. And while the actors tried their best to maintain their composure for the show, Jessi and Lee Kwang Soo’s friendship created the utmost comedy for this episode.

Cast of “Sinkhole” on “Jessi’s Show!terview” | @jessishow_official/Instagram

Before the show even began, Jessi poked fun at Lee Kwang Soo and his height while shushing him, which created laughter amongst the studio crew members.

Jessi: “[While pointing to Lee Kwang Soo] Oh my god look at how tall that person is.”
Lee Kwang Soo: “Oh did it start?”
Jessi: “No not yet! Shhh!”

As soon as the show got started, the three actors were introduced and officially made their entrances onto the stage. Actor Cha Seung Won, who is another lead actor in the upcoming film, was unable to appear on Jessi’s Show!terview. In an effort to “include” the veteran actor, Lee Kwang Soo brought a life-sized cardboard cutout of him. 

Upon seeing their entrance, Jessi stood up to greet Lee Kwang Soo — or so he thought. Jessi breezed past him to say hello to Cha Seung Won’s cardboard cutout!

Caption: “Jessi?”
CaptionOppaI missed you.”
Jessi: “What is that?”
Lee Kwang Soo: “Laughter”
Jessi: “Wait, what?”
Caption: “I missed you Seung Won oppa.”

The hilarity didn’t end there, as the three actors each took their turns to introduce themselves, as well as their characters in Sinkhole. When it came to Lee Kwang Soo’s turn, however, Jessi couldn’t hide her true reaction.

Lee Kwang Soo: “Hello everyone, I portray Mr. Kim…”
Jessi: “[Snorts] [Laughs]”
Lee Kwang Soo: “Wait a minute, what did I…did I say something that deserved a scoff?”
Jessi: “No, it’s because it’s weird seeing an oppa I know act so serious! It’s just funny.”

As the interview progressed, they eventually moved onto the game portion of the show. For this particular game, the hosts would say a word and the three Sinkhole actors were expected to act out the word with their bodies. If they all did the same gesture, they would receive a point. If they did not, they would lose that round.

In an effort to show an example, Jo Jung Shik and Jessi did one for the word “baseball.” It was here that Lee Kwang Soo and Jessi showed off their sibling-like relationship as they “bickered” over the actions.

Jessi: “Isn’t this motion obvious?”
Lee Kwang Soo“There’s a pitcher, there’s also a catcher…”
Jessi: “Why would you do that when this [batter] is easier. Gosh!”
Lee Kwang Soo: “…what did I do wrong?”

Lee Kwang Soo (left), Jessi (right) | @jessicah_o/Instagram

The energy of the Jessi-Lee Kwang Soo duo will never get old! The entire episode is filled with absolute hilarity from start to finish, so be sure to watch the full episode down below.