Jessi Addresses Mistreatment By Her European Tour Organizer While On Stage In Paris

Fans grow increasingly concerned for Jessi’s health and safety after she opens up about her challenges on tour.

While on stage in Paris, soloist Jessi directly addressed the concerning mistreatment she has received from her European tour organizer.

Jessi on her “Beyond Your Imagination” tour in London | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi announced in August that she would visit five European cities in October for her Beyond Your Imagination Europe tour, which kicked off in Berlin on October 8.

Two days after her show in Berlin, she held a performance in London, during which she shared with fans that she was in the “worst place of [her] life right now mentally” after losing someone very special to her. She opened up to her fans while expressing gratitude for their support, sharing that she planned to seek help for her mental health after the tour.

Fans were already deeply concerned knowing that she was overcoming challenges to be able to tour for her fans. They were worried yet hopeful as she planned to seek help for her mental health and work on healing to come back “ten times stronger.” However, these concerns were magnified after Jessi posted on her Instagram that she was stuck in London and had to pay her own way to Paris to see her fans at her next stop on tour.

At the bottom of her story was the caption, “If only y’all knew what I’m going through..” further indicating to fans that Jessi was facing behind-the-scenes issues with her European tour.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram

When Jessi arrived in Paris, she was stranded outside without a reservation for a hotel room. In response, she posted another Instagram story stating she was continually left stranded outdoors in Paris by her European tour organizer, Tim Kim (also known as Ho Ung Kim), who she referred to as “this man.

Jessi’s Instagram story | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Her concerning post had Jebbies (Jessi’s fans) searching for any information on the situation and hoping that she was able to find a place to stay in Paris safely.

Dedicated fans kept other Jebbies updated on the situation, even reportedly connecting with Jessi at one point, who was able to confirm she had found a hotel room in the early morning. After finally finding a hotel, she attempted to rest for a few hours before she had to get ready for her concert that night.

Jessi addressed the situation at her concert, updating fans on what was happening behind the scenes.

On stage in Paris, Jessi promised fans that she would try her best for Jebbies, saying there was so much she wanted to say while acknowledging that fans had likely already seen her posts on social media.

Jessi’s stage in Paris | @HongArwen/Twitter

Many fans were aware something was happening, and the supportive crowd never failed to hype Jessi up as she remained honest and open with fans.

Jessi then disclosed that she had a “mental health issue right now,” stating she was “very, very tired.” She shared she didn’t expect there to be as many issues as she was encountering on tour before going to hug her mom, who was supportively standing to the side of the stage.

She then shared she was on the verge of canceling her tour because of “this guy,” who fans have discovered is Tim Kim, before revealing how he had poorly mistreated her. 

Jessi, being the inspiringly outspoken and honest artist that fans love, unapologetically called Tim Kim out for his mistreatment, introducing him as a “f**king coward.

She shared that she had run into him in Paris the day of the concert and found him eating. This particularly hit Jessi as she had been unable to eat that day or the night before due to being stranded on the streets of Paris trying to find a hotel. Something that Tim Kim was supposed to have booked and ready for her much earlier.

She was outside until 6 AM local time, stranded with her mom until she could finally book a hotel room.

While her European tour organizer, Tim Kim, failed to take action, Jessi’s friends flew to Paris from Korea to help her get a hotel.

Later, Jessi spoke to the audience, saying she hoped Tim Kim, again not referring to him by name, didn’t “have the audacity” to be at the concert because he was “seriously ruining [her] life right now.

I had to book my own f**king hotels, I had to book my own trains, and I did not complain for anything. Because at the end of the day when I see you guys, everything all changes… so today, I was going to cancel [the show] because my body’s just not good right now and my voice is gone…

— Jessi

Knowing that Jessi was going through a lot of challenges, fans made sure to show their love to Jessi at the concert.

They even prepared a special surprise video to show the star just how much she is loved and appreciated.

Jessi’s mom took to Instagram to share a supportive message for her daughter, calling on fans to continue showing her love while acknowledging that Jessi was not in the best health.

My daughter Jessi! I know you’re unwell physically and mentally, but hang in there… I love you. Everyone, please pray for her!!

— Jessi’s mom

While Jebbies are doing their part to take care of Jessi within their capacity as fans, they are calling on Tim Kim to do his job in taking care of his responsibilities surrounding Jessi’s tour.

At this time, Jessi has not made any additional comments regarding Tim Kim on social media. With two shows left on her European tour, fans are hoping there will be better management provided to Jessi by the tour organizer and that he will be accountable for his mistreatment of her thus far.

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