Jessi Confesses To Literally Flipping A Desk When She Faced Racism In A US School

Jessi shared a story about how she dealt with a bully when she went to school in the US.

Jessi is kind of the girl crush of the Korean music and variety scene at the moment because she’s pretty badass with an unapologetic attitude that is very refreshing to watch.

But in a recent episode of KBS‘s Problem Child in House, Jessi told a story about the time she dealt with racism back when she went to school in the US.

Jessi shared that when she was a teenager, she was bullied in school for the sole reason of being Asian.

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So when a fellow student pulled their eyes in a way mocked an Asian feature, Jessi threw a book at the student’s face and flipped her desk in rage.

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But what made Jessi more upset was the fact that the teacher only punished Jessi.

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Jessi revealed that at the time, she stormed out of the classroom and cried.

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So on the show, Jessi gave a word of advice to her younger self as to how she should’ve handled it.

You have to go back and fight. If you’re weak, people will step all over you. So you have to be confident.

— Jessi

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Well, there you have it. The queen has spoken.

Source: Dispatch