Jessi And Red Velvet’s Joy Reveal They Suffer From Sleep Paralysis—Here’s What They Experience

Some people who experience sleep paralysis see ghosts.

Recently, Red Velvet‘s Joy guested on Showterview With Jessi.

At the start of the episode, Joy and Jessi discovered that they both suffer from sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move that occurs right after a person falls asleep. Oftentimes, people describe seeing and hearing ghosts.

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Jessi revealed that she suffered from sleep paralysis just the night before. The moment she saw a ghost beside her, she didn’t hesitate to curse at them!

I had a nightmare last night! I got paralyzed last night. I found a ghost next to me, so I was like, ‘You f*cker!‘ But I had sleep paralysis.

— Jessi

Joy couldn’t believe her ears. Just like Jessi, she also experienced sleep paralysis the night before. She explained that she hears “weird things” when it happens.

Oh my gosh, I did too last night! I haven’t had it in a while. I hear weird things. I hear things when I have sleep paralysis.

— Joy

With concern written all over her face, Jessi asked, “Then what do you do?

Joy calmly described how she tries her best to wake up by writhing her body around. She admitted that it is a very “scary” experience, and it was unfortunately the scariest that night.

I just writhe myself to wake up. It’s so scary. It was the worst last night.

— Joy

Hopefully, they don’t experience sleep paralysis again! Hear more stories from Joy in the full episode below.

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