Jessi Reportedly Unilaterally Cancelled Her Music Show Performances For “Gum” Without Telling Her Agency

She didn’t tell her agency.

Jessi is reportedly at odds with her agency, MORE VISION after it was revealed she unilaterally cancelled her music show appearances for “Gum.”

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, Jessi cancelled her appearance on KBS‘s Music Bank on October 27 without explaining to the agency why she cancelled it. At the time, MORE VISION covered for her by sharing that she cancelled her appearance due to health reasons. However, it was reported that Jessi and MORE VISION have been at odds prior to that event as well, such as during the production of “Gum” and how promotions for “Gum” would proceed.

Jessi had reportedly complained that MORE VISION was unable to secure a pre-recording session for her appearance on Music Bank and that is the reason why she ended up not appearing on her scheduled broadcast. However, MORE VISION’s position on this was that obtaining a pre-recording slot was difficult due to the large number of artists that made their comeback in November to avoid the Asian Games. Jessi did not accept MORE VISION’s reasoning for this, and the conflict between the two sides grew. This led to Jessi also not appearing on other music show broadcasts such as Music Core and Inkigayo.

In addition, another report from The Fact stated that MORE VISION is looking into terminating their contract with Jessi and the two sides are discussing the ramefications of that.

While it appears, from SPOTV’s report, that Jessi and MORE VISION are at odds just seven months into their partnership, MORE VISION has not yet shared their official position on the matter.

Source: SPOTV and THE FACT