Jessi Responds To Criticisms About Her Allegedly Not Wearing Pants At The Airport

She made an Instagram story about it.

Jessi recently shocked everyone by showing off her daring fashion to which netizens called “underwear fashion”. She wore a simple tee dress with what appeared to be black under shorts.


She was heavily criticized by the Korean netizens as they deemed it was inappropriate.


She soon took to Instagram where she revealed through a story that she wasn’t showing off her underwear. She revealed that they’re legging shorts.

Uhm just so you guys know… I am wearing pants, okay? I have pants on. Okay? They’re called legging shorts!

— Jessi


As haters continue to try to bring Queen Jessi down, let’s all take the high road as we get ready for her upcoming new single, “Who Dat B”, that drops on the 23rd at 6 pm KST!

Source: TV Report
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